3 Ways To Enhance Website Conversion Optimization

Every single person in the online business needs traffic, and not just any traffic, but high quality targeted traffic in order to penetrate into the targeted market. “How to increase website traffic” has become a question that never fails to be asked. There are lots of techniques to consider when it involves leveraging your brand identity influentially across your target group. As a level headed website owner, you must want to follow the suit of experienced website owners that implement most proven tools and strategies to stand them out from the competitors.
How to Enhance Website Conversion Optimization That You Can Use Straight Away?
1. Write high-quality articles & submit into the top 5 article directories
Remember that content is king! And there’s really no way to go about around this. Write an article that is meant for real people to read, not machines! Only focus on the top 5 article directories because those are the websites that have significant traffic. Try it yourself! Submit your article to those hundreds of article directories in the net and track where your traffic is coming from! Let us know what kind of results you’ll be getting! Contact Marketing company for more information.
2. Convert the articles into audio format and submit them into the top 5 podcast & video directories This method is not only effective, it’s very efficient! If you’ve spent a long time into writing a high-quality article in the net, why stop there? To ensure that your article is being exposed to more people is not by submitting them into more article directories, but convert them into other forms and submit them into the relevant top directories for those forms.
3. Convert the articles into video format and submit them into the top 5 podcast & video directories
It is the same concept as before, but surprisingly, not many people follow through these last 2 tips even if they have done the first one. This last tip may present the steepest challenge out of the 3, but it also has the highest reward! Did you know that YouTube has become the 2nd largest search engine? It has become even larger than all the other search engines that compete with Google.
Therefore, chances are, if people are not looking for you in Google, people may be looking for you in YouTube! So, if you are interested in enhancing website conversion optimization, it’s likely that you’re also interested in converting your visitors into leads. Statistically, websites with videos have a higher conversion rate than websites without! So keep the big rewards in mind and tell yourself to make a video for your internet business NOW! These 3 strategies must NOT be overlooked if you want to enhance website conversion optimization.